Konrad Drozd

Hi! I am Konrad!

I have touched many technologies and languages, but in the Java ecosystem, I feel at home. I consider myself very flexible when it comes to choosing the technology and the area in which I am supposed to work. In my professional career I have dealt with backend, devops and frontend. In the latter, I feel the least confident, but I'm already catching up.

So far I have spent most of my time in multinational teams, so I have no problem communicating in English on a daily basis. I have completed the SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) course and used it at work, so I know what it is like to work in large agile projects. I know many good programming practices, design patterns, software development techniques. Clean code, TDD, process automation, Linux environment are my bread and butter.

After work, I often do what I do at work - I program (my own toys) and discover new interesting technologies 🙂. Apart from sitting at the computer, I really enjoy being physically active, especially with other people. I like to try various activities, but volleyball is something that has been with me for years. I often pick up a new topic, unknown to me, explore it over the next few weeks and try to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. Some of the recent ones are: electronics repair, car mechanics, plant lighting, stock market and investing, hairdressing, smart home, chess, computer graphics, blogging. The topics usually are very diverse 🙂


Software EngineerJanuary 2023 - currently ( 8 months)
Fascinating Project
8 months

I'll complete this section someday ;)

Software EngineerJuly 2017 - December 2022 (5 years 6 months)
Telco project
4 years 9 months

A project for a telecommunications operator providing services for several countries in Europe. As a team, we mainly created IMS based Value-Added-Services in Java. The project was very extensive and I had the chance to work on things in many areas (frontend, backend, devops).

The things I dealt with:

  • development of a Java application for conducting functional tests using the SIP and Diameter protocols (something like Taurus/Postman). It is used internally by all teams as the main tool for testing,
  • development of a provisioning system consisting of multiple microservices. Gateway, Eureka registry, Authorization, REST API services...
  • development of a Java framework for IMS-based Value-Added-Services and creation of multiple services based on it,
  • implementation of CI/CD workflows on GitHub/Bamboo/Jenkins,
  • implementation of a dashboard React application, collecting data from multiple sources in one place.
  • creation of automatically generated documentation,
  • preparation of automated virtual machines for developers,
  • creation of custom Gradle plugins and Docker containers,
  • configuration of project build.

We used the SAFe framework in the organization and I am a Certified SAFe 5 Practitioner.

Spring Boot
Spring JPA
Spring Security
Spring Cloud
GitHub Actions
Rhino TAS
Conversion project
9 months

The aim of the project was to port a part of the ERP-like system from ancient technology (Panther, good luck finding what it is) to Java.

I was a team leader in the project. The difficulty of this work was the lack of documentation for the existing application. I remember this project as a lesson. It taught me, above all, how dangerous is technological debt and showed me live that when deadlines are chasing, adding new programmers to the project is the last nail in the coffin.

Vehicle simulator project
2 months

I was working on a vehicle simulator to test a platform that collects real-time information from vehicle sensors.

The application was supposed to allow the user to manually draw the route of the simulated vehicle and to mark events (such as: detection of sign/pedestrian/slippery surface, or connection problems) on the map. The drawn scenario was saved to a file and then it could be used for a real-time simulation using the protobuf protocol.

3 months

I created a website that displays the weather forecast. The scope of work included design, implementation and tests (unit and functional).

The backend was an REST API based on the existing service - Wunderground. This site's API was not entirely consistent and had some design flaws. My job was to improve this API by making an adapter.

As part of the exercises backend was written in both Jersey and Vert.x. Due to the limited number of queries to Wunderground API, the cache mechanism has also been implemented.



Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
Bachelor and Master of Computer Science
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
October 2015 - June 2020 (5 years)
Department of IT and Management
Member of:
  1. Faculty Council of the Student Government
    • organization of special events for students
    • help and problem solving for students
    • training in the field of co-financing for science circles
  2. The Academic IT Association


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